Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Show #41 - June 2

Episode 41 on MP3

Email, blog postings, Hot for Hobbits, and an iTunes reviews from Rude Person!
The coming of the video iPod (JK rhapsodizes) - a whole new way to watch TOS eps
And a birthday gift for JK
Boston Legal finale (we were there)

See? Anita Pallenberg.


K said...

iPod video: I'll need the series, movies, BL season 1, AND LAHB all with me forever!

K said...

dirtiest TV line I've ever heard: "
Frasier" Xmas show. Someone asked Daphne about wassail and punch. "Me da said punch makes you want to dance with the donkey in the manger; wassail makes you want to get her a room at the inn!"

Mister DA said...

Reference to Denny and Alan practicing law in California -- It's called Pro Hac Vice (for this case only). Here is a link to the California Bar Association web page explaining how this is possible.

Captain Toy said...

You should use that line, "the opinions expressed are so often poorly thought out and attacking" in stuff. It is so bad that it is funny.

Dave said...

Im sorry but i dont see it....