Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Monday, May 01, 2006

Shatner Weekend Audio Diary - Sunday

Shatner Weekend Audio Diary Sunday MP3

Weekend Wrapup. Fun at the Hollywood Horse Show!

The hand that touched the Shatner.


Dave said...

ooooooh it glows, you must never wash that hand.

Pavlina said...

don't ever wash that hand!

Cairo said...

I might have missed it on the diary, but at any point did you identify yourselves as the purveyors of Look at His Butt? Imagine what he would have let you touch then!

Anonymous said...

Only one hand, huh?

I'm surprised you could contain yourselves!

JK and LT said...

"Wash the hand?" ARe you mad????? Good thing I'm not a food handler.


JK and LT said...

Other than having him sign an LAHB shirt and Lene wearing hers, we didn't have any opportunity to make him aware of the Butt Girls. We will continue to pursue him on that!


JK and LT said...

To get both hands on him, I would have had to go through a horse.

I know, I know, you're stunned I didn't do it.


Captain Toy said...

You should have taken a Digital Voice Recorder along with you when you walking along the street. I can't wait until the next event that I can experience vicareously through you!

JK and LT said...

Hi Jennifer -

We thought of the voice recorder near the end of our Walk of Fame, about the time we were falling down laughing at the thought of how many of the female stars Bill had slept with.

Oh well, next time.


Melanie said...

Can I touch the hand that touched Shatner?