Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Friday, January 06, 2006

Show #26 - Jan 6

Episode 26 on MP3

One hella long show!

Charlton Heston on Star Trek? (courtesy of Len Preston)
Go to the homework thread at TSFPN
The Return of Rand on New Voyages
A Shatner/Trek movie rumor
Shatner committed to doing Free Enterprise 2
Bill paraglides and the video goes up on eBay
Shatner should host the Oscars
Bill's iTunes playlist (you need iTunes to see this)
Was Shatner ever in a musical?
Michael Roy Hollihan's "Star Trek: Clambake!"
The Wiggles FAQ
Ten Things I Hate About Star Trek
White Comanche on Public Domain Torrents
Check out our friends at DVD tribe!

Anthony Spock? Greg Kirk?


Michael Roy Hollihan said...

You like me. You really like me! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wow, thank you for this very long answer and your advice.
And I have to say: You are absolutely right, arguing with bashers is futile. Although I am "only" 21 years old, I have had so many of these discussions and EVERY TIME, really, I was angry at myself afterwards, because I had started to argue. It's really better to ignore it. I guess, my problem is, that I take it too personally sometimes...
So thank you very much, it was really interesting to see how you deal with that problem.

Btw: An observation of Big Bad Mama would be really cool!! Because I don't think it will ever be possible for me to see this movie over here..

JK and LT said...

Yes, Mike, we really really do! :-)


JK and LT said...

I'm sure we'll get around to Big Bad Mama eventually! But we have a couple of things we've never seen that we haven't managed to get to yet. So much Shatner, so little time...


Captain Toy said...

You are so right about getting into arguments on the Internet, it just doesn't work.

Y'know there is another place you should get into any arguments is the bus. They never listen to what you have to say and get defensive.

I have never gotten into an argument about William Shatner but I have gotten into arguments about religion. Never argue about religion. (Even though I have done that more times than I can count.) Its funny they get so insulted if you have a different view on something - it is as if god will smite you right now on the spot for even hearing her position.

Interesting enough I met a guy on the bus once who thought you only needed three books in life: the bible, the lord of the rings trilogy, and chronicles of narnia. I really hope that one day he will wake up and realize that there is a world out side of those three things. Oh well. . .

K said...

ASCEM was asking about you, JK. any TSU in the offing?