Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Saturday, December 31, 2005

Show #25 - Dec 30

Episode 25 on MP3

We're back with Look At His Butt On Ice, actual holiday edition!

Bill on Dennis Leary's "Merry Fucking Christmas", and what to leave for Santa
Presents for LT!
Bill's Christmas ornament
We review Dagger of the Mind
Shatner with Alison Angel (one and two)
A little taste of JK's smutty Christmas story, "Visions of Sugarplums" (audio file that is NOT work safe!)
We close with Shatner as Satan (on Comedy Central's Last Laugh of 2005)

EDIT: Here's a whole page of screencaps from Dagger of the Mind!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm laughing so hard I can hardly type, but wanted to comment: "cooter" (snort) The only time I've heard this word was when my brother and his wife moved from Berkeley CA to northern Florida. My SIL is a school counselor. One day one of the girls in the primary school where she teaches wore a mini skirt that was short on top and on bottom. One of the other kids said, in a very deep, southern accent: "Her butts a-crackin' and her cooters a-hootin'!!"

Just had to share that with you.

I love your show.

Kate in Istanbul

JK and LT said...

A cooter that hoots? Now I'm scared.

Jungle Kitty

Simon said...

Hey girls did you notice
William Shatner got voted into the top three of Coverville's annual roundup of the best covers ever?

Einzige said...

Great show, girls!

JK and LT said...

Simon, thanks for the heads-up!

Einzige, we're glad you're enjoying the show.

Jungle Kitty

twistedchristopher said...

JK & LT-

Great, great show! The Holiday Special on Ice was so special it made me putt of taking down my Christmas tree another few days just so that I could bask in it's fire-hazardy glow as I listened to your show. Happy New Year!.


JK and LT said...

Chris, my tree is still up too. But that's because I'm lazy. I'm glad the Holiday Special On Ice was worth waiting for.

Jungle Kitty

ravenbrain said...
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Cairo said...

I'm Denny Crane!