Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Saturday, December 17, 2005

You can't buy publicity like this

Or maybe you can. I don't know. All I do know is that we got a great mention by those fine folks at on their December 15 homepage. Some of what they said:

The nice thing about Podcasts is that they don't have to look for corporate sponsorship. That's important because there's nothing worse for creativity than to have someone else's money involved. The money people have opinions about the work, and that affects the art - never in a good way.

Creativity and spontaneity just blossoms in the absence of sponsorship. The artist can go with their whimsy, follow their heart, get to the essence of creation.

So with that introduction, we recommend "Look at His Butt" which is described as the podcast where LT and JK, two geek babes, talk about Star Trek, science fiction, books, TV, the Internet, sex toys, and William Shatner's butt.

Samplings from the current show: The William Shatner DVD club, homemade sex toys (light-up USB light saber dildo), and a deep discussion by the hosts with their assumptions on Shatner's lovemaking techniques drawn from a somewhat obsessive collection of references.

They got it! They really got it!


Cie Cheesemeister said...

congrats on your "shout!"
Now, where is it that I can buy the lightsabre dildo??

Anonymous said...

check out dildos at canadianpleasure and they ship world wide