Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

New show up - June 22

Episode3 on MP3

And the wackiness continues. And it's a really long show (46 minutes). We talked about:

We're listed at!
Fan Mail; relationships in Star Trek (did anyone have a spouse that didn't die?)
Wil Wheaton and his hilarious post about the Line Geeks
Alexander the Great at the Agony Booth



pm said...

I just found your site and have been listening to the podcasts. I can say that Wil Wheaton does have a nice butt. I met him at a ST convention and bought his book "Just a Geek". He was on stage earlier and read selections from the book. Very nice guy, friendly, and a great butt!

Andrew said...

I know it's six years after the fact, but I've only just started listening to the show. I had to mention that you missed the one couple that actually survived, and even spanned more than one series: Miles and Keiko O'Brien were married on TNG and the relationship was steady for at least the first few seasons of DS9 (I stopped watching around season 3). They even had a healthy relationship with their child. Of course, while I thought of that example immediately while listening to the show, I can't think of any other lasting relationships (Riker and Troi in the movies don't quite count).