Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Sunday, June 05, 2005

First episode is up

Episode 1 on MP3

Finished editing. Here we go. Topics covered include:

Enterprise finale
George Takei complains
Light Saber dildo
James Spader in bed with Shatner (this is the correct URL, we got it wrong in the show)



Sandy said...

Lots of fun -- the Spader interview was priceless! You guys are a bit quiet, however -- you might want to up your gain a bit.

This is awesome!

Veronica M said...

Excellent!! You had me talking back to my computer and jumping up and down. This was so much fun!!! Love the part about Sulu and, of course, K, S and only ONE bed!!!!

K said...

we're not worthy! we're not worthy!!

awesome, awesome, awesome!!