Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Fourth show up! June 30

Episode 4 on MP3

Dang. These shows are getting longer and longer. Apologies for the crappy sound quality halfway through (I had to overdub my own voice!). We're having too much fun:

Gillette Venus Vibrance
Shatner news!
The Dominion and Ferenginar (Worlds of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Vol. 3)

And lots of other nonsense.

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K said...

ok - just bought the "razor" - i HAD to stop in the middle of listening to drive to the store & get this.

1 tiny battery - guess i gotta wait for the exfoliating, vibrating hairbrush with exchangeable heads

now, back to your show


K said...

as a computer accessory , it can be electric & not battery powered!!!!! yippee!!


Michael Hickerson said...

Just listened to the latest podcast.

In response to your comments about the DS9 book. You stated that you didn't think the canon character who perishes in the Dominion part of the story could really be dead since it violated canon. Actually, probably not so much. the novel you read is part of a series of novels that takes place AFTER the end of DS9. So, the character in question can be dead and gone from the series. (I'm being careful here to avoid giving away names). I do agree that a lot of what Pocket is turning out is just OK, but I think if you read the DS9 relaunch as it's called, you might be suitably impressed. Please don't mock me too much in the next podcast for posting...