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Captain Kirk

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Show #244 - Oct. 16

Episode 244 on MP3

A little bit about Bill's tweeting
A short fanfiction discussion
All about Discovery!
And a little about The Orville

Black badge. WHAT DOES IT MEAN??

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Anonymous said...

The only way Shatner could make himself look worse on Twitter is if he were to start tweeting support for Harvey Weinstein.

Anonymous said...

I finally got a chance to listen to your latest podcast. Now I want to turn in some homework. Let me know what you think:

It's interesting what you said about fanfiction. I am an avid fanfic writer now and I have to say I'm a bit hesitant to mention that. There is still a fair amount of stigma about writing these things. People for some reason expect them to be better than professional works - All while not having the budget, resources, editors, and time that a professional writer would have. One of the favorite things that some readers like to do is point this out in the nastiest way: Like this very real comment that I got on a story: "I notice some sentences omit the subjects while the verbs and the rest are normal. Are these typos or are they some new fashion of English?" That's constructive, really constructive . . . Thanks for your time and energy. I will totally take it into consideration . . .

Hating on fanfiction is a real thing. Even those who love fanfiction and read it avidly seem to take to hate it as well. Hell, I remember years ago when I wrote those crappy endings to those awful unfinished Star Trek fanfics. Now sure, they were awful and unfinished. But did they deserve that treatment? Did the authors truly deserve that kind a hate? Was it hate? I'm not sure sure anymore. I mean originally I wrote it to have a little fun possibly make fun of those that writers. But what is that the right thing to do? I'm not so sure. Comedy often tows the line between awesome and bad taste. It is so easy to fall right into the manure. I wonder if that's what I really did all those years ago.

The irony is that was what got me into fanfiction in the first place. Now, I read and write fanfiction constantly. I love it so much. I even started editing at work and telling my coworkers what I was doing. Granted, my workplace isn't exactly normal, but still it says a lot. It's incredibly important to me. I've even toyed with the idea of having either a YouTube channel dedicated to fanfiction or a podcast. However that's never gotten past the conceptional stage. I just don't know how I would be able to make it accessible. For instance, let's say I review a Star Trek fanfic. However, you are not a Star Trek fan. How the hell do I make it relatable to you? It's one of the shortcomings of fanfiction - a great work can be absolute garbage if you don't know the source material. Hell, I really don't want to hear about how much Harry loves Hermione. I just don't care.

Anonymous said...

I think that there should be more positive talk about fanfiction. Even if you don't give a damn about Harry Potter. It is a true expression of love. Just steal an idea from Trekkies, you are actively participating in the experience. Creating something new and exciting along the way. Even if that thing may not be perfect. Nothing really is - not even professional works. So why the awful stigma? Why is it mocked so much; even by us? That's a good question! I'm not sure that I have the answer.

It is interesting your idea that it is because fanfiction is primarily written by women for women. And often deals with icky, boring stuff like relationships. Who wants to read about that? Oh wait like half the population. It's unacceptable for women to ruin the carefully curated world that men know so well. It has to be mocked. That can't be true fans if they are expressing it in a different way. That's just weird. Like dressing up in a Klingon outfit is normal. All fans are weird by nature. There shouldn't be a problem with that.

You're totally right that there is a huge gender bias on fanfiction. As there is with Science Fiction as a whole. It's not masculine enough therefore it's crap. If a good piece exists then would be written a male writer. Which is absolute crap. Some of the best work is done by women. It's time that we acknowledged that. We have worth. Our work is worthy of praise. We should not judge ourselves so harshly.

I could go on and on about fanfiction. Just as I could go on and on about Science Fiction. I feel that it needs more love. It needs to be respected - even if it is not about something that you like. It has worth - just like the women who write it.

Can't wait for your next episode,

Captain Toy