Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Show #219: SVCC Report - Part 2

Episode 219 on MP3

Our report on Day 2 of Silicon Valley Comic-Con!

Let's Go to Mars
Nichelle Nichols' panel
We watched 2 bad Bill shows:
- Gunsmoke, "Quaker Girl" (1966)
- Dick Powell Theatre, "Colossus"(1963)
- Tattletales (game show) (1974)
And then we watched Balance of Terror to make ourselves feel better!

And we got a visit from the Jonkiverse!!
And then Lene got birthday presents!!! (Banned Books socks!! Nancy Drew tote!!)

Pre-Khan "KHAAAAAAN!!!" 

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Unknown said...

This episode showed an error(episode not available) on my podcatcher and would not download.
I was able to download from your site.

Bill C said...

Showed on up my phone as Show 218 (Our report on Day 2 of Silicon Valley Comic-Con!) but could not be downloaded due to a "temporarily unavailable" error (this has been the case for several days). This appears to be missing from the iTunes Store episode list but is still visible on my phone. Any chance of fixing it?

JK and LT said...

Somehow the feed got corrupted - I think I fixed it. Give it a couple hours to update and then let us know if it's working! And thanks for the heads-up!

Sheri said...

I have to say, Tattletales wasn't nearly as bad as the episode you saw made it seem. It improved significantly when they eliminated the open-ended "A story about . . . " questions--which took too long and made the celebs flail trying to fit events that happened to them into the prompt--and went with strictly dilemma questions in their place: "You're at a party and see your best friend's wife with another man. Do you tell him/her?" This changed the pace of the show and made it all about how well the couples really knew one another. Tattletales followed Match Game and together they owned daytime ratings, until CBS stupidly altered Match Game's format and it started to flag; CBS decoupled the two shows and eventually they both went kaput.

Bill and Marcy appeared on Tattletales at least 3 or 4 more times that I can recall. In one sequence I can see in my mind's eye just like it was yesterday, the question (directed at the guys offstage) was: "Which do you think about more often, money or sex?" All the women really struggled to guess which answer their husbands would give. Marcy wavered and finally answered "sex". When Bill was brought in, "A lot of people think money IS sex. It isn't. Sex." They won the pot and the day!