Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Show #217 - March 4

Episode 217 on MP3

Silicon Valley Comic Con! Coming up soon!

Nicholas Meyer and Rod Roddenberry join the new Trek series!
We discuss a wish list for the new series
Literary Festival 2016: To Boldly Go: What Star Trek tells us about the world
Bill kills it on Meredith Viera
Trek/Hamilton crossover!
Trek Talks

Listeners: When have you seen Shatner-influenced acting? Especially women who might be Shacting!

This is the image they chose for the "Guests" section of the SVCC website. Because of course.

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Sheri said...

Buttgirls, here is the very best website for tracking developments related to Axanar:

Sheri in Chicago

Sheri said...

Let me be clear: I'm a Trekker from the original airing of The Original Series, and I do understand the tendency of many fans to think of Star Trek as "ours". Yes, Star Trek has permeated the culture over half a century to such an extent that it becomes all too tempting to think there is no longer any such thing as ownership of the intellectual property. This is a cultural point of view that is completely irrelevant from a legal standpoint. In the internet age, people tend to think of intellectual property as just "out there", ethereally belonging to everyone, owned by nobody. Legally, nothing, but nothing, could be further from the truth. Axanar's producers have indeed crossed into commercialization and financial enrichment in ways no other fan works have done, and few who comment on Axanar in a public arena have fully understood the hazard this implies for all intellectual property.

Please also see this excellent summation regarding Axanar: