Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Show #215 - Jan 23

Episode 215 on MP3


JK got a blessed Kirk candle and the Star Trek: Costumes book
Lene got a Star Trek puzzle!

Lene met Marc Okrand! He's gonna be on the show!
And he's producing a movie about Constructed Languages - Conlanging the film
A bit more about Axanar - you'll have to look at the cached version of the post
Bill's book about Leonard
Bill on My Little Pony?
Lene reviews Star Trek: New Visions, "Cry Vengeance", in which Spock says BRUSK
10 Things That Star Trek Got Right

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Unknown said...

I listened to your latest podcast yesterday before work. Since I didn't have a way to send my response normally I wrote this to myself. Here it is:

Sorry that I haven't responded in a while but I have been listening. It's just hard to remember to respond. I listen to you while going back and forth to work.

I am at work now and can't use blogger or Facebook. So, I am emailing myself this to send to you later.
I have yet to check out crisis on the bridge. Now that it is on Netflix I plan to watch it soon. I am dying to learn about those awkward early years of TNG.

On a side note: yesterday, I saw crap Star Trek on our tvs at work. I work at a call center and we have tvs on mute to relax us. I have no control over it - so it goes from boring, exiting, to plain annoying. I often look up during calls for second before going back. Yesterday I saw:

Is that? Yes, maybe. Oh definitely. He would make a better captain. Oh, there's the lens flare. Pretty explosion.
Believe it or not, that was better than seeing it in the movie theater. So glad I didn't see the second movie. Thanks J.J.!

Well it is almost time for work. GTG. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for making your great Podcasts. I am sorry that I cannot respond as often as I would like but I am always listening.

See ya,

Captain Toy
(Google has re-labeled me as BadFurrVideos - it's gotten really annoying).

Unknown said...

So I finally got a chance to watch "chaos on the bridge.” I have to say it is as awesome as you guys made it out to be. I had no idea that all that shit was going on during the first three seasons of NexGen. I knew That generally I hate the first two seasons or so of NexGen, but I really didn't have an idea why. Now I have a better appreciation as to why. There is no characters, only plot. That can get boring fast.

Ever since you first mentioned this movie I had started to notice the problems in the first two seasons better. The guest stars steal the show. They're not trying to steal the show – they just do. That's terrible. They should have known better than to do that. You should never allow that much upstaging of your main cast. I don't think that was their intent but that's the result.

There are maybe five episodes but I like the first two seasons. Although most of them are fairly forgettable. They probably wouldn't even rank in my favorite NexGen episodes of all time. It really is served season where it starts to get interesting. This is from a girl who at one time could tell you the plot of any given NexGen episode within five minutes of it starting. I have since lost that superpower, but I still remember a fair amount of next generation episodes.

One thing I noticed about the movie is that they didn't focus too much on the replacement of Gates McFadden. She was one of my favorite characters in the series and I remember coming across several season two episodes and getting angry. I thought: They had replaced her? Why! Mind you, this was long after the first two seasons had aired but the effect was the same. I was young at the time and I had no idea what was going on. I really came into NexGen ration and start around the fourth or fifth season. That way I watch older episodes and continued watching new episodes. So I was quite surprised and shocked to see her missing. Her replacement seemed like a slap in the face for fans and it didn't make sense. Why was her son allowed to remain on the ship if she wasn't there? Why was she gone? Nothing made sense!

They didn't really talk that much about Gates replacement I understand why. There was a lot more going on than that. That stuff was fascinating. It was fucked up and bat shit crazy. It's a miracle the show ever made it past season two. And we all know why did – because it had that brand behind it. If it was any other show it would've never made it. Of course, it probably would've never happened, but that's a different story.

One of my favorite teams during the show is Bill's reactions to things. He is a fantastic interviewer. And it's really fun to see him be honestly surprised. It's almost as if he's reacting with you. That's awesome. It's also great for him to have that personal connection to Gene and to the Star Trek brand but have so little to do with that time. It gives him some objectivity yet he is so connected to those people and the events. I love it. I don't think anyone else could have done that.

I’ve talked long enough about this, and I need to start getting ready for work so I'm going to get going. I thank you for telling me about this documentary. I will probably watch it again. It is worth it. I also recommend you guys do that too. You might pick up something different but you didn't get last time. Besides, it's a great chance to see Bill, the interviewer. How could you ask for more?

Once again: thank you for all your hard work and I hope to hear your next episode soon!

Captain Toy