Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Show #214 - January 5

Episode 214 on MP3

Happy New Year!

CBS sues the makers of Star Trek Axanar
And here's what David Gerrold has to say about it
Amazing interview with Bill at The Vulture
What it's like to work with Bill (from a director)
Trek t-shirt contest at Threadless
The Roddenberry Vault! (on Facebook)
Ranking Trek series that never were

I'd vote for this! 

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Anonymous said...

Regarding Axinar litigation: too much info for me to post in a comment, but this blog by a journalist well-versed in intellectual property law cogently describes the crux of the issues at the heart of CBS/Paramount's litigation against the fan film: You should read this. There are a host of good reasons having nothing to do with fan films in general that they're going after this particular production, including the fact that commercial enterprises using CBS intellectual property are attached to it. David Gerrold claims to have no dog in this fight, but in fact the Axanar producers claim (on their website) to either have optioned, or to soon be optioning, his works for themselves. So he is not a completely objective commenter. Finally, you should understand that copyright law, unlike trademark law, does NOT require the rights holder to "defend" its property at any point in order to defend it later. They can choose to sue at any time. This Axanar production seems to have suffered "scope creep" and the producers let it get out of control.