Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Show #198 - October 8

Episode 198 on MP3

A Very Long List!

Show 200 coming up soon! SEND US IDEAS
Rumors about Trek 3, the POS
Bill photobombs TNG reunion selfie -and here's video of some of the panel
Memories of early Trek conventions at Fan Lore: "Reminisce with me"
Star Trek oven mitt
Sarai recaps Star Trek Continues Ep 3
IDW will print Trek comics in chronological order
Would Kirk have been a good lover?
Vintage Nimoy interview (from Maynard)
"Why Atheists need Captain Kirk" nonsense from NPR
The most feminist moments in sci-fi history

Unhappy Bill is unhappy

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Margaret said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling dread about Bill doing POS. They'll probably have Old Kirk give advice to New Kirk or something stupid like that. My only hope is that Bill will miraculously have some huge falling out with the writers or director, and refuse to do it.

Like you say, I think Bill will be involved in shaping his part, and will mostly get his way, whatever that looks like. Still, I just don't even want to go there.

When a friend tipped me off to the Thomson commercial, they said "teddy bear" and "Bohemian Rhapsody", and I thought it would be funny. I was surprised to find it kind of moving. It's nice to see Bill's songs, which are often interpreted as only funny, give legitimacy to a story. It totally worked!

Kirk as a one night stand?
Like you say, he's generous and attentive, and would certainly be a very active participant. That, and he's the most gorgeously hot human anyone has ever encountered.

Kirk as a long term lover?
To think about this, I think about Kirk in his other intimate relationships, like with McCoy. They disagree plenty, but Kirk is good at apologizing, or giving up a little ground. Not only does he put up with McCoy's scrutiny, he actually invites it. For example, in "The Ultimate Computer", he asks McCoy "Am I afraid of losing the prestige and power that goes with being a starship captain? Am I that petty?" His confidence isn't the stiff variety, but the flexible variety that allows him to ask questions like that, and listen to the answer. He would get to know you, just like he got to know McCoy. In "The Man Trap", Kirk says he's "heard all about" Nancy Crater, no doubt because he asked all about her. And Kirk himself is very knowable. Whether he's quoting a favorite poem or venting his latest annoyance, he's not afraid to be vulnerable with his friends. He's good at give-and-take in relationships.

And he's on good terms with all his exes.
(With the exception of the one who tried to steal his body and kill him.)

"Why Athiests Need Captain Kirk" was just plain nonsensical. There were some angry comments about it on his Twitter page too.

One commenter wrote,
' "For the Spockian worldview is the denial of meaning and value." That's not true at all. Where did you get this crap?'

To which the author actually replied, "how do you get meaning from physics?"

And there's more where that came from. He took on Neil Degrasse Tyson for "not appreciating the beauty" of life, etc. etc. etc. He has science issues.

After looking at "The Most Feminist Moments in Sci-fi History", I was thinking about what the most feminist moments in TOS are. For me, one is when Rayna teaches Kirk to play billiards in "Requiem for Methuselah". Getting close to help a woman set up her shot is such an established male come-on , I love to see it reversed, and on the Captain of the Enterprise no less. And he's all for it, of course.

Margaret said...

Oh, and since JK mentioned Starbuck, now I'm imagining Starbuck teaching Captain Kirk billiards.

I couldn't find any Starbuck/Kirk slash or photo manips, but I got a kick out of Katee Sackhoff costumed as Kirk for a photo shoot: