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Captain Kirk

Monday, September 15, 2014

Show #197 - September 15

Episode 197 on MP3

So much to talk about!

Comments from listeners!
Vintage "Victorian"  portraits of Kirk and Spock on Etsy
Bill's documentary Chaos on the Bridge is on Canadian HBO
Bill's ice bucket challenge (and Patrick Stewart's)
New Trek bobbleheads - Mike Ditka and Mr. Burns
Arlene Martel passed away
GISHWHES report - here's the Team Shatner Tumblr, and Bill's blog about it
Our review of Bill's appearance in Rookie Blue (Season 3, Episode 1)

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1 comment:

Margaret said...

Well, maybe.
That's how I read the ending of Kingdom of the Spiders, anyway.

There's a very short video on YouTube of the producer, Jeff Sneller, talking about the ending, and he says:

"I don't know what happened. I know that when we sold the film to some markets where they had a high degree of censorship in those days, like India, they would cut in stock footage of the military showing up with helicopters flying overhead, because they couldn't have an unhappy ending, or they needed finality to their endings. But our feeling was, 'Well, let the audience draw their own conclusion. It's better that way.' And then it leaves everybody with something to talk about, and left us with the opportunity to create a sequel."

And left you with the opportunity to write a fan fic! I would LOVE to read a KOTS fic by you two, pre-spiders or not.

I read KOTS last week, and was surprised to find myself staying up late to finish it. It's pretty much an exact novelization, so there's nothing in the book that's not in the movie. Even so, it was a fun read. My favorite part was seeing the words "Rack and Diane" over and over again. This was a few years before the hit song "Jack and Diane" came out. There's a great parody opportunity here..."Little ditty 'bout Rack and Diane..."

Thanks for explaining GISHWHES! I was wondering why Bill's been feuding with Misha Collins on Twitter lately. All part of the game.

The Rookie Blue scene of Bill explaining what happened to his granddaughter is up on YouTube, so I could at least watch that. Yep, he really is a great actor.