Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Show #171 - April 7

Episode 171 on MP3

Bill's subreddit is live!
Bill in Australia!
Brown Bag Wine Tasting - Bill does the Shatner Swallow with Lou Ferrigno!
Frederick writes about early Trek fan novels
Amazing Trek cosplay
Crazy Pike writes a book
Into Dumbness spoilers
Lene gets some Space Socks!
New Ortiz Trek posters!
Steve Jobs' "will"
Bill's letter to his 16 year old self

A tribble joins Starfleet
Star Trek Craft book!

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1 comment:

Frederick said...

Hey, thanks for including my post in your episode! It always is satisfying to know that you have connected with someone else with your memories. I remember, when I was really new to Trek, when all I had was the View-Master Reel and one Gold Key Trek comic, thinking that I was the only person who was that excited about it. Little did I know!