Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Episode 170 - March 2

Episode 170 on MP3

Better Ways to Kill Kirk: What do you think?
Sleeping with fans on Reddit
QPops - more Trek crap!
Vintage Trek ads
Wearing a redshirt doesn't mean you'll die
Trek pocketwatch - practical or goofy?
LA Trek art show
The Etsy Segment!
Fan mail!
Brown Bag Wine Tasting - OMG!


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Pippy said...

Thank you so much for featuring my work on your podcast. It was a nice surprise this morning to come across it and more impressive that you pronounced my name correctly.

Cheers from Atlanta, GA
Philip Bonneau

Anonymous said...

The sleeping with a fan thing on Reddit was the most hilarious internet misunderstanding! Epic, like the man himself. I obviously read it the dirty way 1st seeing as I was linked to it by a blog called Look At His Butt! Funny stuff on here: I'll return, I'm sure, even though I still can't figure out this Blogger / Blogspot business .