Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Show #153 - Jan 17

Episode 153 on MP3

Bill woos an Australian weather girl!
Dueling BAMFs!
Futurama and why we love Zap Brannigan
Weird or What?
Bill in Australia!
Bill on Piers Morgan (looking very good)

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Captain Toy said...


Your story about Bill's perfect acting moment reminds me of one of my best moments. It was when I was on a crappy, never-to-be heard about tv series (that a friend was directing). I had become very frustrated with him and was pissed as all hell. I was thinking, "Ahh hell, I could do this better myself." All I wanted to do was KILL him!!!!

Unfortunately, I had talk show to go on that day. HIS talk show. Which was just as rinkie dink as his stupid series. But, ever the professional, I was committed to doing that show. "GOD DAMMITT!!! I WAS GOING TO DO IT!!!"

Of course, I would never let the audience see how pissed off I was. That would be unprofessional. So I sucked it up and as soon as the show started, I was Sal's best friend. It was my best bit of acting - EVER!!!! He had NO clue how angry I was. Bitch.

It is totally true, how things like that stay with you. That story happened at least 2 years ago (if not more). And I STILL remember it almost as if it was yesterday. If only I had kept the audio . . .

Captain Toy said...

Damm, sure I got confused which one of you started the story, oh well. Life goes on I guess . . .

Diana Hunt said...

Okay, being your resident Aussie, something about Anne Wills'( story doesn't quite jibe.

You see the Logies (Australia's equivalent to the Emmys)have always been telecast from Melbourne which is a good 800 kilometers from the Adelaide Hills. Now perhaps they met at the Logies (Anne, I think still holds the record for highest number of personal Logies awarded)but Bill would have had to have been visiting Adeliade, which at the time, well even now, is a complete backwater (I doubt Bill even visited it on his most recent tour)for this to be true.

Anne was indeed a total livewire and a cheeky girl in her day, so maybe he did fly to Adelaide (known as 'The City of Churches') to spend time with her, if he did I am sure they had a marvellous time.

Diana Hunt said...

Yes Zap is in 'Where No Fan Has Gone Before'. That is the episode where the trial takes place (including the fabulous 'Crazy Captain Pike Chair')