Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bill Always Welcomes the Chance to "Go Native"

(Not to mention "going native" on Natalie Wood.)

And there's this analysis of such a movie from The Mary Sue:
"I’ll say right now that I would totally watch a badly cut together remake of Avatar that uses color-shifted clips from Star TrekWest Side Story, and The Longest Day, and laugh and laugh. This poster, like those that come after it, cut right to the heart of a cinematic time period and the taste of Hollywood at the time, to point out that if this story had shown up in that era, William Shatner would totally have gotten his way into a blue girl’s pants, and no better blue girl than the one who Hollywood already considered to be an virginal all-American sweetheart capable of passing for an ethnicity she clearly was not."

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