Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Samples of "Seeking Major Tom"

If you go to this page at Amazon, you can listen to short excerpts from Bill's new LP. (Sorry, couldn't figure out how to embed it.)

What are your faves? Which tracks will be the best?

We've got our own ideas and will discuss on an upcoming show.

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Diana Hunt said...

Sounds like there are some really good tracks and some not so good. Don't think this will get high rotation on my stereo like 'Has Been', but selected tracks will grace the MP3 player fore sure. Looking forward to your review.

Moxie Anne Magnus said...

OMG, ladies! Still have you listed on my blog in the "Links I Love"! I'm giving away Shatner's CD and the CD of the amazing band Five Year Mission (and tribbles) on my blog in a caption contest! Please come check it out: Moxie Magnus Star Trek Caption Contest!

Keep up the good work! Toodle Loo, MOXIE xoxo