Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Captain Kirk Watches Out For Danger

Ganked from Vibrant Oxymoron:
Captain Kirk guards the door to my room. Using advanced technology, he and Spock devised a way to shrink him to the size of a doorknob and make him two-dimensional. Posted behind the doorknob and disguised as paper, he is ready to report danger to me at any time.

T'Laina, you're a genius. I guess this is an Extremely Visible Doorknob (EVD).


Diana Hunt said...

Awesome. Hilarious. Brilliant.

Frederick said...

Not to mention that every time you open the door you are grabbing Kirk's oversized wang.

T'Laina said...

I just found this on here randomly, I am flattered! Love your blog very much, and I love William Shatner's butt.

Sochya eh dif!