Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Show #140 - Feb 5

Episode 140 on MP3


Creation Con!
Lene's Xmas present!
Mike Sterling's presents The Star Trek Cooking Manual!
Bill in Australia!

Check out our star! Click to embiggen the certificate and the star map.


Diana Hunt said...


Okay...breathe...okay...transfer money to credit card...order ticket...breath sigh of relief...

OMG I'm going to see William Fucking Shatner!!!!!

JK and LT said...

Where? When? And you're going to tell us all about it afterwards, right? RIGHT?

Diana Hunt said...

Yes, of course. Melbourne 3rd April. Full report will be forthcoming.:)

Unknown said...

I guess I am a bit late to the party (what else is new) but as to DragonCon, if you are presenters I think, maybe, you might be able to avoid the 4 HOUR lines to get pre-paid badges. So there's a perk right there.

BTW, I highly recommend this story (first 10 minutes or so) from George Hrab, skeptic and musician who regularly performs at D*Con:

Yes, there is a Trek connection, but TNG, alas.

Hope to see you in Atlanta.

David (