Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Shatner Alert! And Another Media Conquered!

History Channel, February 14: American Pickers
"They Boldly Go"
Mike and Frank are out in the Kentucky on a different kind of mission. They're going to someone who needs their expertise to make his home unique. The owner is William Shatner, who gives Mike and Frank a very specific list. While Danielle looks for leads, the picking is red hot at Thurman's Tennessee hills property. The lifetime collector says he's ready to make a deal, but is he really? Next, the guys hunt for the perfect showpiece for Shatner's garden and think they've hit the jackpot with an amazing millstone collector. That is, until they find out his prices outweigh even the heaviest of stones. And, with just one week to deliver the goods to their celebrity client, Mike and Frank call in a favor from a designer friend. Finally, with a van full of treasures, they deliver their booty to Shatner, hoping they haven't let him down.

CBS, February 15: The Craig Ferguson Show
Bill is a guest and if history is any indication, it will be WILD!

Media Conquered!

Socks & sandals. Hey, it's cool if you're Bill.

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