Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Show #137 - Nov 27

Episode 137 on MP3

Impulse on DVD!
Your Shatgasms!
Bad fanfic!!
The Misfit, A Star Trek Romance, by Sharon Emily (1974)
Origin of the Telepathic Children Invaders, by Kattz (1998)
People are still writing LOTR Fanfic!
What's left of T'Monkeelover

Anyone know about a good podcasting network we can join?


1 comment:

David Tellet said...

You know, I had a really bad day, but listened to #137 on my walk to my car and by the time I got there I was smiling again. Thanks for your great podcast.

DragonCon: Swoopy runs the podcasting track there right next door to the skeptical track (Derek). Here's the link:

Don't know about the Star Trek tracks.

By the way, the Star Trek-skepticism idea is great and it would be perfect for DragonCon. Also for TAM 9 maybe?

Thanks again for your good work.

David Tellet