Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Show #136 - Nov 6

Episode 136 on MP3

We are Shactivists!
Happy Shatner Day (aka Saturday)
A present for Lene!
Some thoughts on SMDS (that's Shit My Dad Says)
Some Trek auction prices (through history) (courtesy of More_Shatner)
How do we get "Shatner" listed as a language on Facebook??
Lene's idea for a Skeptics in the Pub talk - what do you think?
Our somewhat hysterical review of The Butler's Night Off (which might be available for download as an mp4 here)


Anonymous said...

Marz said...

You know there's an audio CD version of Bill reading "Me So Horny"? Bill reading Bill - it's like making love.

SMDS was pretty lousy at first, but it's getting better and better. And it's Bill, so one watches.

What would a mirror-verse snuggie look like?

Thanks for re-capping The Butler's Night Off so I don't have to watch it.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Lena, you are the last person I would have thought to own a Snuggy. Too cute. ;-)

Captain Toy said...

I wanted to make a shortened version of the movie with only Bill in it, but I can't download it because I can't join the website. Apparently they are now part of Trend Micro and I can't find a spot to sign up.

Is it possible to upload it to another location.