Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Show #121 - Feb 3

Episode 121 on MP3

Bill in The Defenders, "Killer Instinct", 1961, courtesy of More Shat
Drunken Trekkies movie reviews
All kinds of fun at TrekNostalgia
Maynard's DVD and Bill
Orson Wells and David Frost and Bill
We speculate on alternate universes of Bill

NOTE: Be sure to listen til the very very end, after the music. :-)

Young douchey Kirk guards the Trek Exhibition


Anonymous said...

Yippee a new show! On an off topic, I've read a little young douchey fanfic. ;-/ Don't judge me! ;-)
The writing was bad, but it showed how off the portrayal of Kirk was in the movie. The people writing have never seen the REAL Kirk and the lack of what Shatner brought to the role is so evident.

Diana Hunt said...

The Prosecutor in 'The Defenders' was another Star Trek alumni - Kermit Murdock, who played 'The Prosecutor' in 'All Our Yesterdays'

Di in Australia

Commodore Mendez said...

Totally douchey! ;)

Comm. Mendez said...

Thanks again for the mention! We always appreciate a good Butt plug. Um, ah, you know what we mean! And my new must-use phrase is "They didn't know they had dynamite in a bamboo cannon on their hands."