Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bill Is Everywhere!

From the William Shatner Fan Club:
"Shatner's Raw Nerve" is currently airing on the Bio Channel Sunday nights at 10pm. It is in its second season. Bill also has three other television projects in the works:

In late March, he is set to film a TV pilot for a new half hour sitcom called "Shit My Dad Says." The show is about a 29-year old editor working for a magazine who moves back in with his parents and documents his father's statements and observations. If the show is picked up as a series this fall, the title will likely change.

He also has two other series in the works. The first is a documentary called "Aftermath" for A&E. Bill is set to host and produce. The network put in an initial order of six episodes. The show will deals with the aftermath of an indicent, three or four years after it occurred. The first episode will revolve around the Chandra Levy case.

Lastly, Bill will be hosting and producing a documentary called "Weird or What" for the Discovery Channel. The first order is for ten episodes.

The latter two series will likely begin airing this fall.

Every channel, all Bill, all the time!

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Sikozu said...

Just wanted to make sure that this ia also true for Europe.