Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Show #120 - January 9

Episode 120 on MP3

Presents for Lene!
Carol Marcus comic - JK tells the story
More from ATK
Stuff from the blog!
Enterprise submarine! - What's that about?
Top 50 blogs for Trekkies (we're not on it)
Shatner's Toupee - "A Day At the Office" with Bill in Speedos
Mythbusters does the Gorn Cannon! And what other Trek myths could they do?

That's the best Kirk they could do? REALLY?


Fresca said...

LAHB is not on the top 50 ST blogs???

(At least you're in good company--lots of top blogs are missing.)

Frederick said...

I think they should do a mythbusters episode on the solar slingshot time-travel method.

Fresca said...

I just had to go and make my own webbibliography of 33 of my top Star Trek links,
and I put Look at His Butt first!
I said you are the clipping service/Guardian of Forever of the Shat:
My Star Trek Links

Anonymous said...

I would like to see Myth Busters try out some of Kirk's fighting skills. Does a judo chop to the arm make someone pass out? Only if you're Captain Kirk.