Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Even More TrekCrap!

This time courtesy of Jen, who sent a long and detailed post, which I'll just reproduce here, cos it's FUNNY.

Okay, so it's almost Christmas as we are all too aware! And we are all shopping for our Christmas joy. So why not give your special someone TrekCrap? It's lots of fun!

Tree Star Featuring Spock:

This may not be new, but it is classic. Every tree should have its own Spock sitting on it! And now for a mere 39.99, you can get your very own! OR better yet, get one for your mother or get one for all your friends! It's FANTASTIC!!!! (I had to work that in somewhere).

Spock Holiday Stocking:

In the future, all houses have chimneys and what goes with chimneys? Well, stockings of course! Spock adorns this beautiful piece of Fedatacana (Fed-ta-cana). It's is guaranteed to be a classic for all time!

Spock and Tribbles Table Piece:

*Otherwise known as a statue.* This one of a kind, collector's piece comes complete with Spock and a bunch of Tribbles. It only looks like Spock is about to eat the Tribble - Vulcans are vegetarians. He's only going to kiss it, seriously, that's all. Take him home for a mere, 69.99. BUT WAIT!!!!! If you buy today, we'll knock ten dollars off the price - making him only 59.99! A true bargain.

Star Trek Captain Kirk Vinyl Figure:

Jimmy: OH MY STARS, CAPTAIN KIRK!!!! THEY'VE MADE A DOLL OF YOU! And he has a really big head!
Kirk: No,no, Jimmy, that's not me - that's the terp they picked to play me. And it's not a doll, it's an action figure. He's made of Futuristic vinyl material, filled with terpish style, and did I mention made of vinyl? I thought we should get that out there.
Jimmy: Thanks, Captain Kirk, I'll go out and buy it today!

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