Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Friday, December 11, 2009

Bill Reads Palin. Again.

And she reciprocates.


Anonymous said...

Did he do her?!? Of course he did!

Iddy said...

That was a Riot! I loved the bent finger covering his mouth in surprise and "oh damn,she caught me!" :)

Captain Toy said...

I love Bill's fake surprise at seeing her and to what she was saying. The reaction shots are priceless! Still, Sarah, Bill rocked your world!

Fresca said...

Too fun! Thanks!
Kirk would love her. don't you think? Though she looks a little like the Romulan commander on "The Enterprise Incident."

Shannon said...

His hot awsomeness shines through once again.

Eleanor said...

I love how they walk out together. The Shat claims another ladayyy.

Shatner Palin 2012

Just throwin' it out there... :D