Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Star Trek XI - with holograms!

WARNING: As many wise beings have pointed out, the day they come up with real holodeck technology will be the end of all other human endeavors. And Star Trek leads the way! GO TEAM!

"With the packaging feature dubbed "augmented reality," consumers will be able to hold their disc packaging in front of any standard webcam to unlock an interactive hologram on the computer screen, through which they can tour five cabins on the Enterprise, even shooting enemies from the ship's deck."

Read more in Variety.

You don't need the movie to do this: all you need is either a printout of the image or a copy of it downloaded to your iPhone, iPod touch. As long as you have a webcam, you can go to RIGHT NOW, click on the links for the images and check out this amazingly cool program.
I have no idea what that means but I'm sure Lene will figure out.


Shannon said...

Don't feel bad Kitty. I have a son that is a computer engineering major and I am constantly calling him at school to help me with all that is Tech. Everyone needs a tech friend or family member.

konstance said...

that is awesome!!!