Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Friday, July 24, 2009

Shatfest 2009!

We rocked! One of our fabulous listeners brought us a present. (Thanks, Mike!) Francine and Matt ambushed us at Bill's Place. I swear that was the name of the restaurant and it was one block from the theatre. Best! Hamburgers! EVER!

Will the Thrill provided the most beautiful background ever for our shtick.


girl6 said...

That's my hand! And my fat arm...

You girls were great! During Kingdom of the Spiders, the audience yelled "look at his butt" at least twice and "Spock!" a few times. It was great!

I thought KOS wasn't that bad and Bill looked really good in it. As does his butt.

Bit of trivia: Ruth Roman helped finance the neighborhood theater were Leonard Nimoy started acting when he was eight then put him up in her boarding house when he came to Hollywood. True story.

Iddy said...

OMG! And now your hand is famous!! Wow, Front row at the fest--Bill butt up close and personal. Yay!

I remember when KOS first hit the theaters, I couldn't drive so I paid my sister and husband's way into the movie so they'd take me. Ahhh yes, good times, good times...