Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Show #96 - Oct 5

Episode 96 on MP3

Interview with Lene's brother! Where all is revealed about their Star Trek family history!

What do you want us to do for the 100th show?

What Bill shows to the cops when they catch him speeding


Anonymous said...

The Episode with Spock limping is is either 'The Cage' or 'The Menagerie'

Di in Australia

JK and LT said...

About the fanfic your brother talked about - at first I thought it was the one Nichelle Nichols "wrote" for the Best of Trek collection. That had the connecting corridor with the chess board. Then I thought it was one of the Marshak/Culbreath Phoenix novels. They were all into that "alpha-alpha" stuff. It might be from the first one - I've only read that once. Uhura dragging naked Kirk around rings a bell altho I don't remember them having a sexual relationship. Omne (the bad guy) makes a duplicate of Kirk. In the 2nd book, the duplicate goes to live with the Romulan Commander as her "pet" or something.

Maybe he read those?

- Kitty

Older said...

Hey! I have an intergalactic license too. I've always assumed the 'Klingons' restriction was about the one species he was not supposed to drive/have sex with.

I remember reading the story your brother mentioned. Sometime in the mid-70's. It was definitely in a mainstream, commercial book, since that's all I read when I was young(-ish). I've always assumed the "adjoining passage and chess room" was the first K/S slash fiction.

Iddy said...

Okay, Bro has combined two books written/edited by Marshak and Culbreath. The alcove/chess set was from the first New Voyages anthology--a story intro'd by Nichelle if not written by her--where she uses the alcove to sneak into Kirk's quarters as they try to rig a surprise BD party for him. Little does she know he is taking a shower....No sex, but he does flirt with her as he stands there dripping in his towel.

The other story is Fate of the Phoenix. It involves a powerful dude named Omne and the Romulan Commander--who gets a clone of Kirk as her very own boy toy. Lots of sexual overtones, lots of "alpha" blah blah.

Trust me--I am an expert on knowing all K/U fic--if someone had written his version I would have it enshrined in the most holy of holies :))

Anonymous said...

BLUE eyes? WHAT????