Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Show #94 - Sept 1

Episode 94 on MP3

Presents! Lene gets a big Star Trek binder from JK: Star Trek Universe User's Manual, which contains...
Trivia questions!
And JK gets some office supplies from Lene
Craptastic cards!
500 Star Trek comic books!
Spock's Psycho File, from Gold Key comics, courtesy of scans_daily
Christopher Plummer - insane or delusional?
Star Trek the Experience: Decommissioned.

We need reporters for Shatfest!!!

Sarek as Robin of Sherwood

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for a fabulous show Butt Girls. I laughed along. Bill is just awesome, I want a first date with him...LOL

Di in Australia