Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bill wants ABC to WIN! WIN! WIN!

Butt Girls Commentary via iChat:

LT: he looked good
JK: Yeah
LT: he hasn't gained back the weight
LT: go Bill!
JK: not yet
LT: his doctor is daring him to keep it off
LT: Oh right I forgot
LT: "Bill, most of my patients gain it back right away..."
JK: I think this Patton thing is one of Bill's best shills ever - right up there with "You'll never meet a bigger whore than I am"
LT: totally. and very Denny, too
JK: Yep
LT: I like the way Spader wanders in
JK: I'm so glad they were renewed
LT: like this was in the back office of Crane Pool etc.
JK: The 13-episode arc is supposed to focus on Denny & Alan
LT: ooh
LT: maybe they'll get married in California at the end
JK: It probably is, right next to that little kitchen
JK: Awwwwww...
LT: hahaha
LT: just to prove a point. not to have sex or anything.
JK: OF course not!
JK: They just want to make a point and file joint income taxes
LT: yep
LT: and write off those spa trips together
JK: Can married people do that?
JK: I've been missing out
LT: it's for business
JK: Funny business
LT: Denny would find a way to make it work
JK: In his strange little fantasy world...

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