Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Show #86 - April 26

Episode 86 on MP3

Lene gets birthday presents
Kingdom of the Spiders day - May 19th!
77 reasons why Bill is awesome - and we are #53!!
The Butt Board!!!
TOS Season 2 remastered - August 5th
Bill makes the round of talk shows: Leno, Oprah etc.
Bill's Hollywood Horse Show

Homework: What jobs would aliens have at the Space Carnival?

Mike Sterling says: "Why would you make this the "retailer incentive" cover (i.e. for every 10 or so of the regular cover ordered, you get one of these)? Do people not understand the sheer sales power of The Shat? Sure, he's all Romulaned up on that cover, but that's 100% Real Kirk, baby."

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Iddy said...

Hello Kids,

It just occurred to me that during the HCHS charity dinner last Saturday, Bill was chowing down on some serious barbeque, so no, Bill is not a vegetarian... Plus, there are several interview quotes from him on the WS fan club page where he is waxing poetic over the sensualness of "smoked meat.."