Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Show #85 - April 5

Episode 85 on MP3

A bunch of news about stuff
Bloody action figures!
Things that never happened on Star Trek
Some of Lene's Trek crap - banks, towelettes, band-aids, first-aid kit, Intragalactic puzzles, and Crawdaddy magazine
And yet more crap from the next level of the Box - including a random list of stories from the heyday of ASCEM - go and check em out!
Fans from the past, where are you??
And a bit of fun from National Lampoon
Star Trek in Mad Magazine (1967!)
The Star Trek Express Train set!

Not my actual copy; this image ganked from eBay.

1 comment:

Celyn said...

Whenever I think of Amok Time I remember the haunting strains of "Dun-dun DA DA DA DA DA DA dun-dun-dun DAH da da" from the exciting fight music score.

The bland expressions of the Ripped Shirt Kirk (and Spock)action figures instead inspire me to hear a Musak version of a Sinatra song. It's like they're waiting in the turbo lift post-episode.