Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Show #83 - Feb 10

Episode 83 on MP3

Star Trek [optional colon] The Tour - Shatnervision clips, Wireimage pics, Wil Wheaton's Flickr set,
Chris Pine Shirtless (possibly NSFW)
Bill shills for Live Autographs
Bill answers JK's question!
Nut Guards!
Jen's voicemail
IDW's Star Trek Year Four #6
Devil in the Dark remastered
The Horta in Trek fic - it's in Diane Duane's books
Read Ventura's Horta stories!
Homework: Stupidest Trek alien?

WIl Wheaton jumps through the Guardian.

1 comment:

Jarrak said...

I reckon Diane Duane is one of the best of the Trek TOS writers with her take on the Romulan species, so much better than anything "canon".
Ensign Naraht was a pretty good Horta character and kept the Captains seat warm during the off shift.
The Wounded Sky was a magnificent story and the Hamal race a good representation of a highly advanced insect like species even though K't'lk likes Scotty more than Kirk:)