Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Show #82 - Jan 27

Episode 82 on MP3

Homework! Thoughts on the other starship captains
And who would be the worst starship captain?
Star Trek XI trailer
Boston Legal - Mad About You (a really good Bill ep)
Douglas Gordon at the SFMOMA

Twelve Captains. Thanks, Greg!


Orinoca said...

two very disparate entries for actors who would be great captains:

Yaphet Kotto.

Lucy Lawless.

hope you enjoy my selections,

girl6 said...

You are so right about the Shatner kiss! That thing that he does with his eyes--I have been trying trying trying to put that into words but it defies description. He looks down at women the way a tall man does. Just with his eyes...he doesn't move his head or bend his neck. He pulls the woman up to him rather than meeting her halfway. That would kinda make you feel all helpless and melty...

I think I'll be going to bed a little early tonight.

Jason said...

Where is Lawerence Fishburne from Event Horizon?

Anonymous said...

I just listened to the podcast about alternate captains. Leslie Nielsen was also a ship's captain in another movie - The Poseiden Adventure. He is only in a few scenes at the beginning saying that he would like to have more ballast to weigh down the ship more in rough weather but this burns fuel more so the company won't let him. Loss of captain points for not disobeying bad orders from "The Man".

Reverend Robbie said...

Worst Captain - Adam Sandler!

Anonymous said...

Worst Captain would be Matthew Broderick. Think about it,would you take orders from the guy who nearly blew us all up in "WarGames"? OR nebbishly follows Sarah Jessica Parker around. I would be very uneasy on that starship. Clive Owen would make a great Cpt.