Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bill sez NO!

"I don't do cameos."


Anonymous said...

I just heard Chris Pine was cast as Kirk in the forthcoming movie. Honestly, they could have at least matched eye color. I don't know what he looks like "below the equator," either. They didn't try very hard. Disappointed.

Sean said...
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Sean said...

I was hoping they were going to cast Chris Rock as Kirk.

Seriously, they might as well have, as it doesn't seem like there's going to be any continuity at all. It seems like Abrams is trying to Star Warsify Trek by making all the characters interconnected from earlier in their careers, thus making the universe a very tiny and claustrophobic place. I wouldn't be surprised to see TNG references stuck in there (hell, they already did it with Worf in STVI)

Right now, I'm imagining that it will take place somewhere between the first and second seasons. I doubt that it will be Pre-"Where No Man..." otherwise where are Mitchell, Kelso, and Dr. Dehner (some of my favorite Trek characters)? And I doubt that they'll go as far back as the dull turtle necks.

I can only guess, based on Leonard's appearance in the film, that it's a "story film." Old geriatric Spock is in a retirement home, telling the tales of his adventures to anyone who'll listen- the scenes with the new cast will be flashbacks to his younger days. Just watch, all the characters will be over-the-top emotional charactures of the original character portrayals, supporting my theory.

Verity Kindle said...

Holy crap, woman, shut up! You don't interrupt the Shatner when he trying to talk!! Geez!! Let him talk! And kindly get your big hair out of the shot!!!! Terrible interviewer.

JK and LT said...

The interviewer is Bill's daugher. Tee hee! If you don't like her interviewing technique, you should read her writing. Ouch!