Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Friday, September 21, 2007

Show #75 - Sept. 21

Episode 75 on MP3

Rifftrax: Star Trek V - Yay!
Julia's Shatner fanvid
Amanda's email - Where did Kirk's make-up come from in "Enemy Within"?
Paulette's email - "An Erlenmeyer flask flask full of death!"
Mego Museum Trek cards!
History of K/S - to be published by Beyond Dreams Press
Analytics According to Captain Kirk
JK's Project Manager K/S

Thank you, Scott!


iddy said...

Okay - working to catch up on my casts today :) Three thoughts:

The "makeup" was Kirk's 'tan in a can'. How else could he stay so deliciously golden in the darkness of space? Hmmm, wonder what they named *that* color??

Do you think they could get away with filming "Miri" in today's world? A flash of creepy pedophilia/predatorness passed through my mind when I recently rewatched Kirk flirting with Miri.

And finally, yes unfortunately, ST:V only has butt shots going for it :( Oh well, it's good for something.

Keep up the good work!


JK and LT said...

Hmmmm... I just looked at the trading card closely. Don't the phasers look like they carved them out of soap? Space soap? Is this a Kirk-Spock prison break? Maybe they're busting out of slash.

Kelsey said...

Great episode as usual, ladies.

I listen to your shows during my three hour daily commute to school - it saves my life.

The theories on Kirk's makeup were a riot.