Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Show #65 - April 17

Episode 65 on MP3

JK writes a story for Lene, "Stardate 5423.5"
Toughtest Guy competition - Bill LOST to Ed O'Neill! RIPOFF!!!
Bill reads the Book of Exodus - with music! and singers!
Bill smokes too many cigars
Bill hangs with Henry Rollins
CharityBuzz BL set visit auction - $16,500!
The Shatner Show at the Uppercase Gallery in Canada
Boston Legal renewed
Boston Legal - best ep ever
The Defender on Studio One (1957)


Anonymous said...

The paintings for the Shatner Show are amazing. Very nicely done.


Cheryl said...

There's blow dryer in the picture??

Cheryl said...

Duh, I should have listened to the podcast first. Irony. I get it now.

Cute story. Lene's right - your characters do "sound like themselves."

fresca said...

Oh, right! I had written asking you about this, but here it is. Of course you didn't miss it!
I finally searched under "uppercase" to find it, as of course "Shatner Show" got half the blog! : )