Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Monday, April 09, 2007

Bill vs. Ed O'Neil! VOTE NOW!!

Go to the voting page now! Bill has to win! You can vote as many times as you like, so LET'S GET BILL OVER THE TOP!!


Anonymous said...

Well it's hard-yakka down here in the trenches folks. The final match-up between James T and Al Bundy looks like it'll go down to the wire. (Does anyone know when this thing ends?)

After making sure Kirk sat at a comfortable 90% last night I was rather put out to see he'd been once again overtaken today. As of now it's back to Bundy 58% vs Kirk 42%.

JK/LT, can we get your Hater interested in this? I'm sure she wouldn't mind giving up a day for the cause.

Every vote counts, Buttites! .. but 100 each might just do the trick. I'm sure you'll agree that none of us like .. to .. loose!

Anonymous said...

I've been voting for Shatner as many times as I have time for. I can't believe people are voting for Ed O'Neil. Weird.


Anonymous said...

Did Ed O'Neil win?!