Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Show #64 - March 31

Episode 64 on MP3

LT's report from Wondercon: Mimzy swag and Barbara Luna
Bill's 50 years in TV on YouTube
More Trek movie news
Boston Legal - 2 eps
Latest New Voyages project
NYTimes - Shatner tattoos
An even gayer picture of George Takei
Best stuff in the world: Best Singer, Best Actor, Most Interesting Person in the World, Best Star Trek Actor to Release Music, Best Sci-Fi Writer, Best Overactor
Trek dreams


Cheryl said...

Hmm...not seeing it on iTunes yet?

The Shatnervision videos are delightful.

Anonymous said...

I never realized you two actually looked like Captain Kirk figures. I mean it should have been so obvious though. Lovely episode.


Unknown said...

i got the shatner video on itunes but not the show, that is so weird.