Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Show #62 - March 11

Episode 62 on MP3

News & stuff!

Bill the Negotiator (Priceline) on YouTube
More Rumors about Trek IX - James McAvoy
Alexander the Great on Amazon
Dolls! Landing Party Kirk, Wrath of Khan figures, and Space Seed dolls
The Mad TV iPhone commercial
Bill talks about Rocketman at ShatnerVision
Bill, Intergalactic Superstar at
More ShatnerVision: Elizabeth introduces him, and Bill accepts at his Hall of Fame induction
A few comments on remastered Doomsday Machine
Help us with a question for Bill on ShatnerVision!
Star Trek V: In Thy Image (Jack Marshall fan edit)
Bill in Time magazine
JK's story The Last Seduction

EW! And it doesn't even look like Bill.


Anonymous said...

Okay, you ladies seriously need to watch this. I think it's your cup of tea!

Captain Toy said...

The Phase 2 thingy doesn't sound very exciting, I could have thought of several more exciting movies to cut up into a new episode . . . seriously . . .

As for the best scenes of ST V, I liked the fan dance, it was funny yet really not necessary. All the more special . . .

One idea that I liked them cutting was the Sybok - Spock thing, it really didn't do anything for the plot and was really annoying. Actually, the less they had of Sybok the better, in my opnion. (Shivers)Who knows maybe they'll learn from past mistakes for the next film. . .

Anonymous said...

What is it about Kirk's face that renders it unrenderable in toy or comic while the other characters usually seem recognisable? I can only put it down to either too much charm or too much hotness not transferring well into these other mediums.

Ed D said...

The "Shout Popcast", available on iTunes, episode #9, March 9th, covers Bill's album "Has Been".

The episode is 11 minutes long and has three songs from the album, Has Been, That's Me Trying and Ideal Woman.

Ed Dyer