Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Show #53 - Oct 25

Episode 53 on MP3

Big Boston Legal catch-up show!

2 eps: The murder case from Clue, beautiful Bethany, Tom Selleck, Gracie Jane, Alan loves Shirley, and lots of swallowing
2 more eps: Too much law, more Alan and Shirley, live fat boy wrestling, Denny has cheap sex, mysterious massages, androg-o-woman, Jerry Espenson, pumpkins, and Scientology
Email from Francine and a great dream from Greg
We're going to Vegas to see the Star Trek Experience!
And we're going to see Impulse at the Parkway Theatre Nov 9
Finally, a musical treat from Monty Python

Two fat boys wrestling


Cheryl said...

Several days on, and I still don't see this ep on iTunes? I really need to find out what the heck those pictures are about.

Calico said...

iTunes is saying that "Look at his butt!" is not a valid podcast URL. Weird...

Web Guru said...

There is just something wrong with a blog devoted to Shatners butt. But at least he is a Canadian!!