Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Show #52 - Oct 11

Episode 52 on MP3

Big movie review!!

JK new fitness review: The Immunity Syndrome (lots of falling out of chairs and Kirklight)
Justin Timberlake is not the king of sex
We finally get to see and review the Holy Grail of Shatner
Some newsy news from Ron Moore, in the Washington Post, and on Craigslist

When amoebas attack, Kirk gets hard!

Professor Bill.


KatieK said...

When I saw that Justin Timberwho was callng himself the King of Sex, I kind of giggled, but when I read the link, which put him up in mental imagery next to the lskes of Tom Jones and William Shatner, well then...I SNORTED...because, baby, well...oh my God...who buys his albums anyway?

Mister DA said...

Here's a Wild Ass Thought -

I've been watching the first season of Boston Legal (Wow! I had completly forgotten how many cast changes there have been) and it occurred to me that you guys should do poscast commentary trancks for the S1 episodes - there being a complete lack of such on the DVDs.

JK and LT said...

Do you think anyone would notice the dead silence during the non-Bill parts?


Melanie said...

Justin Timberlake: When are his 15 minutes going to be up?