Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Show #42 - June 10

Episode 42 on MP3

Lots of random stuff - and a movie

The Yorkshire Corn Maze!
Trek props go for a song (Paramount = total morons)
The William Shatner Build Event - the house built from a kidney stone
Another gift for JK! The Durex Little Gem
And our One Year Anniversary Ice Cream Cake!
We dig deep into The Explosive Generation and here's a page with a ton of screencaps!)

The image and the cake with the image (it was so good!)

They call me Mistah Shatner (or, To Sir With Love)


Cheryl said...

Wandering through the IMDB listing for "The Explosive Generation", I noticed that Peter Virgo Jr. was also in the cast - and that he appeared in TOS "The Paradise Syndrome". Small world.

Happy Anniversary!

JK and LT said...

Wow, Cheryl! Good catch. Thanks.


Steph said...

cool, I love the maize guy, he's the happiest looking corn in the world.

By the way, it's star trek weekend in the UK on Sci-Fi, and I just got cable installed. Yay.

Steph said...

PS... in NZ it's called the 'amazing maze in maize' try saying that when drunk.

'Amok Time' episode is currenlty on, Spock is getting all angsty

Anonymous said...

Re: Steph
"Spock is getting all angsty"

Sounds like every single TOS episode ever made...