Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Show #38 - April 22

Episode 38 on MP3

News From Around His Butt!

Pictures of Bill practicing the Toyota Grand Prix!
Praise for Bill in one of many papers: Celebrating Shatner
Soundgenerator reports on Rollins and Shatner
The Intruder is out on DVD! You can watch the preview at Netflix, but only if you have an account
Jimmy Kimmel celebrates Shatner's birthday!
Shatner on Living in TVLand (and you can see clips of it at YouTube)

Promo video for Star Trek 2.0 on G4. Way funny.


Anonymous said...

very funny show - can't wait to hear about "the weekend"!

gregorygray said...

Best of luck for the upcoming Shatner-Camp. It should be a breeze, just keep a look-out for those Butt-Girls - I'm sure you'll be able to "handle them easily".

Captain Toy said...
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Captain Toy said...

I love that commerical, I wish Star Trek 2.0 was that good. :( Oh well, they play the same episodes on Saturday that they play during the week without all the junk on it. By the way they have made several more commericals that include kirk and spock at a coffee house.