Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Show #37 - April 15

Episode 37 on MP3

Sex Toy reviews!!! The iBuzz and the Orgasmothon scratchers
Boston Legal - the infamous milk bath episode (which we actually didn't like that much)
More blogging from Jim in San Francisco on MySpace
Why Bill would be great in Neil Gaiman's American Gods
Some Easter fanfic! Where No Peep Has Gone Before, by JK, and Symbiosis, by Ventura33
And a little off-topic discussion of The Ten Commandments

A woman's best friend. If only it turned into a pizza afterwards.



Peter said...

The first 20 minutes of this episode are the best yet. Between the possible need for an intervention and "shower cap", I was rolling.

So glad you're back.

Unknown said...

Excellent show ladies, dear lord that was the loudest vibrator i have ever heard, JK realizing that LT used the attachments had me rolling. Got love those 10 commanments, excellent comedy almost as funny as "History of the Wolrd Part 1"

JK and LT said...

Hmmm... Come to think of it, I haven't heard from Lene in a few days. I better get on my Super-Intervention Girl outfit and head over there.


JK and LT said...

Dave, I swear to it, it's super-quiet. I had to lean in to hear it at all. It sounds loud in the show because Lene was holding it about 1" from the mike. In actual usage, no one would ever hear it even if there was no moaning to drown it out. :-)


Anonymous said...

this is a litte off topic but I thought it was something you ladies could talk about from

Jeri Ryan: Fans of Star Trek: Voyager's Seven of Nine might want to brush up on their knowledge of the law. Ryan will guest star in the two-hour season finale of Boston Legal. She will play Courtney Rae, the sexy television hostess of a reality tube series who pulls a Denny Crane when she shots a member of the paparazzi who was stalking her. William Shatner's Crane is known to plug opponents and unworthy clients with lead when mad cow disease strikes. Ryan's Rae better wear a bullet-proof vest to keep Crane's hands and ammunition at a distance. The two-hour season finale of Boston Legal will debut on ABC Tuesday, May 16 at 9pm.